Monday, 1 September 2014

The New Forest

I spent most of August in the New Forest in England, which is one of the oldest forests left in the country. Although I mostly live in Brussels or at Warwick University in the midlands I consider the New Forest to be my real home... my favourite place to go there is the little village of Burley. It's so small there there aren't even any public transport links and since I can't afford driving lessons right now I have to wait on my parents to drive me up. ANYWAY I finally made it... I love Burley mainly because it's witch-themed: it has a long history of witchcraft and a famous witch named Sybil Leek lived there in the 1960s, and is remembered for wandering around under the trees with her tame raven on her shoulder. A lot of the shops sell dark, witchy bits and pieces, and they've got names like 'A Coven of Witches' and basically I love it. I spent a happy two hours there browsing these tiny little shops, unfortunately having to leave a lot of the enormous spell books and Pan statues due to my budget (I quit my summer job because...long story...) but coming away with a good supply of white sage incense and candles.

The other place I love in the Forest is the graveyard in my hometown, Lymington. It's so peaceful there, and so beautiful under the trees :) At night it's especially awesome but I never got round to taking a nighttime photo :)


  1. I have been wanting to go to New Forest! The witchy village sounds great, too! I hope to go to both those places one day!

    1. You should go, it's such an amazing place! :)