Monday, 20 July 2015

futures :)

I'm staying with my family in the New Forest in Hampshire for the summer and I'm determined to rebuild everything from here. I'm hoping that if I write all this up here I'll be more motivated to actually do it... so I got a job, I'm starting today actually. It's a part-time thing in this ice cream parlour in my town and I'm only really intending to do it for the summer period but its awesome, because hopefully I'll earn enough money to travel or stay somewhere else while I find another job later... it could give me a lot of freedom :) also, ice cream. They gave me free gelato after my interview. This is definitely the place to be :p

  Also, I graduated from university a few days ago... I cried through a lot of the ceremony, so my actual graduation photo makes me look like an extremely scruffy panda due to make-up malfunction... oh well... I'm still not sure whether to be happy or sad about leaving, university was such a weird time. I learned so much, met such amazing people, went through some enormous life experiences, but at the same time it was so hard, so painful, in some ways so destructive. Anyway it's done, I guess eventually it will feel real.   (in this photo here I'm the taller one xD, my hair is back to its natural colour but I'm thinking of trying out black next...)

So my plan for the summer involves working part time at this ice cream shop and in the rest of my time I'm going to try and get my novel published. I've tried before but I feel like I'm much more ready now. I've been through the hundreds-of-rejections thing so many times I don't think it will bother me too much anymore so I don't really have anything left to lose. Also I'm making an effort to be healthier, which means for me eating food that isn't only cereal, drinking less coffee, drinking no alcohol, and actually doing some kind of regular exercise :p

For now this feels like enough... I'm just going to use the summer to rebuild things and go at my own pace, write, listen to music, earn the money to go travelling sometime. Things are going to be GOOD from here on in, I'm determined of that :) do any of you guys have any summer plans or resolutions?


  1. I would love to go to New Forest! The ice cream shop sounds fun! Good luck with the publication! And your future plans.

  2. Thank you!! Haha yeah it is fun, the people are SO nice and omg the ice cream tastes amazing :) I hope your summer is going well too! :)