Monday, 25 August 2014

Of rainy Augusts and spiced chai latte

I am at home in Belgium where I currently live, and it's freezing and raining and our heating is broken. So I'm taking this opportunity for stripy winter stockings, wearing my Doc Martens all around the house, actually starting thinking about next year's dissertation on the Beat Generation poets, burning incense and of course, tea. In this instance, my sister's Whittard's Spiced Chai Latte which we shared curled up in blankets on the sofa. It's probably not even that cold, but I miss autumn :)


  1. Mmmm tea is great in Winter. Very warming. At least in Winter you can layer up! Hot chocolate (on soy) or tea and books and tv under blankets!

    1. Exactly! I can't wait for when it gets REALLY cold and I can play all those awesome cold-weather comfort games...